Is anxiety keeping you from
scheduling regular dental check-ups?

Have You Experienced:

  • A high level of fear
  • A traumatic past experience
  • Difficulty becoming numb
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Fear of needles
  • Complex dental work that may require multiple visits
  • Dislike for the dental office environment, the smell, the tastes and the sounds
  • Embarrassment about your teeth

For these patients we are able to offer three levels of sedation dentistry:

The first level is inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide or laughing gas, one of the lightest and safest forms of sedation available. Nitrous oxide reduces stress and anxiety allowing the patient to be more relaxed and their dental procedures to be completed with ease. The other advantage to using laughing gas is that after the procedure is completed the patient is given 100% oxygen and within a few minutes the effects of the laughing gas leave your system. There is no recovery or delay in the patient leaving the office — the beauty of using laughing gas is that after your procedure is completed you can drive yourself home.

Level two, conscious sedation, is a combination of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and anti-anxiety medication. Valium is provided to the patient via prescription which is taken before bedtime the evening prior to your appointment. Upon arriving at the office one hour before your scheduled appointment time the Dentist will then provide the patient with additional medications and administer the laughing gas. This type of sedation allows you to communicate with the Dentist but you will not remember any of your treatment. You must have a responsible adult bring you to your appointment and take you home.

The final level of sedation is administered by IV(intravenously). IV sedation provides a higher level of sedation. As a result of this increased sedation level patients with severe anxiety and or dental phobias can be successfully treated. This also allows for longer appointments to complete as much treatment as possible and minimizes the number of visits necessary to complete treatment. As with conscious sedation, IV sedation requires that you have a responsible adult with you to take you home.

If you are interested in utilizing sedation when you come in for your initial visit we will evaluate you and be sure that sedation is safe for you and your medical history will be reviewed in order to qualify you for sedation.

Please Call to Schedule a Free Consultation to See If You are a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry