We utilize the latest in dental technology in order to provide you and your family with the most gentle, and complete dental care possible.

iCat 3D X-ray Technology

The iCat 3D Xray system represents the latest in Dental Imaging Technology. The iCat 3D Xray allows your dentist to more clearly see the condition of your teeth, thereby making diagnosis and pre-treatment more effective. The proprietary technology behind the iCat 3D Scan allows for lower dose scan with greater definition than previously available. This new high-definition dental scanning technology also allows for customizable scans for each patient’s unique needs, telling your dentist far more than what could be seen on a traditional Xray image. This modern imaging technology can capture every image it needs in under 5 seconds — a process that used to take nearly 5 minutes to develop. We are exceptionally proud to offer this state-of-the-art capability to help better evaluate our patient’s needs.

Digital X-ray Imaging

Much like the iCat 3-D Imaging, a Digital Dental X-ray provides a more complete and higher-fidelity picture of what is going on behind-the-scenes with your dental hygiene. In comparison to traditional film x-rays: digital x-rays are available immediately, without the need for developing film, and provide a clearer picture into the inner-workings of your oral health. We use digital x-ray technology to better guide our experienced staff in making recommendations regarding how best to improve your smile.

Laser Gum Treatments

The use of lasers to help with reversing the effects of gum disease is a relatively new innovation in the field of dental hygiene. Lasers can be used in conjunction with other gum treatment procedures to better remove bacteria below the gum line that leads to the continuation of gum disease. One new improvement in these procedures is the use of high-speed rotary devices for cleaning teeth and gums below the gum line. These high-speed rotary devices provide both a more effective and gentler cleaning method as opposed to traditional scaling. The combined use of high-speed rotary tools and laser technology represents the future potential of dental health, and we’re proud to be on the leading edge of bringing these new technologies to use for our patients.

Non-Metal Fillings and Crowns

Should our dentist determine that you require a filling or a crown, you should be satisfied to know that we only use clear composite fillings. Unlike the traditional silver-mercury “amalgam” fillings, our clear composite fillings are both indiscernible from the rest of your tooth, as well as free of toxins that are associated with amalgam fillings. Our dental team is committed to your overall health, and has chosen to completely eliminate these questionable materials from use in our office, and instead chosen to only use resin composite fillings.

Surgical Laser

The recovery time from surgery is important to restoring you back to your normal way of life. This is exceptionally important when dealing with oral procedures, as recovery often makes eating and speaking difficult. In order to provide you with the fastest path to recovery: we utilize a surgical laser to ensure the most precise and minimally-invasive procedures. Our surgical laser makes sure you can recover as quickly as possible.

The Latest In Tooth Whitening Technology

In the past tooth whitening procedures took several in-office sessions, over several weeks, or possibly a month to achieve the desired results. For the convenience of our patients, we now offer both take-home tooth whitening, as well as the speed and convenience of the Zoom!® in-office procedure. The Zoom!® in-office procedure takes only 45 minutes of total treatment time and provides results that are an average of 8-shades whiter. We find our patients appreciate the practicality, as well as the results of our tooth whitening procedures.